• Building websites
• Designing flyers
• Idea development
• Marketing  strategies
• Ad posting on Craigslist
• Ad posting on Google
• Creating email accounts
• Securing domain names
• Designing business cards
• Designing car magnets
• Assistance with incorporation
• Assistance obtaining local business certificates
• Maintenance of email accounts and forwarding of info requests
• Developing social media presence (i.e. facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc)

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Kevin L. Ramos
North Miami, FL
Cell: (786) 436-0620


Ever had an idea for a business, but just didn't know where to start?

The goal of APG is to help foster the ideas and talents of individuals who want to invest in themselves to create and sustain profitable startup and small businesses.

We'd love to help you achieve your goals and make your dreams of running your own business come true.

Discover the endless possibilities.
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Computer Sales and Upgrades
Don't throw away your old computer! We may be able to use it so we can build you faster, more powerful system. Or we can build you a computer from scratch at a fraction of the price you pay in the stores.

DSL and Network Installation
Thinking about DSL. Let us install it for you. Even better, network your computers together so everyone can enjoy your high-speed internet connection. Even share data files & printers without wires.

Web Hosting
We can host your existing or newly created website. If you purchase one of our website value packages, we'll host your new web site free for the first 5 months.

Macromedia© Flash Presentations
Want to catch your customer's attention?…add a little Macromedia Flash to your page. Flash is streaming animation. Great for entertainment-based websites.

Image Scans & Photo Manipulation
For a small fee we can scan additional photos (max. 8.5" x 11") for your web site or for your own use. We can also render these images using our powerful cache of graphic programs.


Sempow is an all-in-one, 21 century power marketing engine. We fuel up your marketing engine to skyrocket sales and increase your customer base. Our power-packed combination of marketing is unique to that of any other business model. Sempow is the only company that provides the exclusive- mobile, local, social marketing method. It’s built to produce powerful results – custom made just for you!

How our vision was created:

When the company was created, we focused our attention on solving the challenges that most business owners are faced with when looking for marketing services- overpriced SEO services & disappointing results.  Nowadays to even be in business is tough. We knew that pricey, long-term SEO services would take a painstaking amount out of company budget, so we figured out how can we make a business visible quickly, get quality results, and reach audiences anywhere without it costing an arm and a leg!

The Local,  Mobile,  Social Method
Local Internet Marketing:

Quality leads come from targeted local consumers looking to buy.  To get quality traffic, a website has to be visible on the first page of Google. Our lead-capture – reward method displays a call to action to motivate the visitor to trade their contact information for something of value to them in return.  Once their information is submitted, a record of their contact information is created and forwarded to you instantly. We provide:

  • Exclusive lead capture website rental: these websites rank for local, buyer’s keywords which makes it easier for people to find your business. We collect prospect’s data and forward the information to you immediately.
  • Google Maps/Places Setup: buyers are always looking at business on Google places. It provides quick information they need, a phone number & address so they know where to locate you. This creates quality leads and traffic to your websites and can be accessed through a visitor’s computer & mobile phone.
  • Google Listing: to get traffic and visits to your place page is to get to the first page of Google. In order to do that we have to list your place page on other directories for more visibility and directed traffic.
Mobile Marketing:

Smart phones are a huge trend now more than ever. Cell phone companies have offered cut down prices on smart phones making it easy for anyone to purchase! Any business that can reach a customer where ever they go has a huge advantage that their competition doesn’t – the ability to access company information, discounts, & events on-the go. Customers can be reached in the following ways:

  • Text Messages: Once permission is granted by the user, this text system will provide you with a follow up campaign that can text an offer or a discount on a product or service, which lures them to come back to your venue on your slow day of business.
  • Mobile Landing Pages: Unlike regular internet websites which aren’t seen properly on a mobile phone, these pages are integrated to fit any phone frame make it convenient for the visitor to access your information quickly.
  • QR Codes: these catchy computerized codes have people’s attention & are becoming increasingly popular to use. Once the free QR code scanner is downloaded onto a smart phone, the user has the ability to scan the code which takes them to a website, product/service info, or event.
  • Mobile App: Having a custom made company application is highly recommended. An app updates & notifies the user of any promotions or events keeping them updated with your company.
Social Media Marketing:

Word of mouth has been the most popular form of advertisement for ages, but now word of mouth can be spread to a large mass of people in a matter of seconds! Being social with your targeted niche creates a sense of trust and reliability which provides peace of mind for others to buy your products/services. To get maximum exposure we will set up:

  • Facebook Account: this will include a fan page with daily status updates, social, daily interactions, & friend list building for more visibility.
  • Twitter Account: this will include social daily interactions  & friend list building for more visibility. The goal is to get as many followers as possible and be actively talking to others about your company.
  • You Tube Account: Videos will be created & listed on the top page of Google which will connect to your lead capture page or social accounts to create traffic and more leads.
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